comprehensive coverage for your rental business

Rental is our only business

We offer comprehensive coverage for your rental business. Because rental is our only business, we are able to provide the tailored coverage and claims service you need.

How are we different?

All equipment is insured at replacement cost without the hassle of listing each item individually — and we never add coinsurance, removing any doubt about how you are protected. Our comprehensive coverage for your rental business policies include:

Flexible inventory replacement icon

Flexible inventory replacement

Flexible inventory replacement offers you the option of replacing destroyed or stolen equipment with any type of rental equipment.

Basket deductible icon

Basket deductible

Basket deductible means only the highest deductible is applied to any single occurrence involving property and equipment.

comprehensive coverage for your rental business

Conversion coverage

Conversion coverage, which protects you if a person lawfully obtains your equipment through a rental but then converts it into funds for their own use without your permission.

NER advantage icon

NER advantage

Your deductible of up to $10,000 will be waived on stolen or converted equipment that is registered with the National Equipment Register (NER) or equipped with a tracking device.

comprehensive coverage for your rental business



Insurance for your service vehicles and rental trucks as well as your trailers. Trailers can be insured along with vehicles and may not even need to be scheduled. Coverage requirements vary by state.

comprehensive coverage for your rental business


General & Excess Liability

General liability insurance pays for injury or damage to others resulting from your business operations. It also pays to investigate accidents and defend your rental business when it is not liable. Excess liability provides limits above a business’s primary liability limits. We include a blanket additional insured by written contract endorsement. This means you do not pay a fee for a Certificate of Insurance showing an additional insured.

comprehensive coverage for your rental business


Inland Marine

We offer a specialized coverage form for your rental or sales inventory with replacement cost and conversion included.

rental company insurance coverage



We offer property/building coverage with no coinsurance which means you are not required to carry insurance equal to a specified percentage of the property value to receive full payment on a loss and apply only one deductible for a claim that involves damage to buildings as well as equipment/inventory.

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